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The Globalaw International Network

Davidson Chalmers is the Scottish representative legal firm of Globalaw

Globalaw, established in 1994, is now one of the world’s top 10 law firm networks. Comprising over 110 independent law firms with approximately 4,500 lawyers practising in over 80 countries worldwide, Globalaw is now the go-to network for businesses seeking to do business globally.

Every day hundreds of Globalaw firm clients are having their global requirements effectively serviced by Globalaw member firms. There are no referral fees, members are carefully vetted prior to joining and firms not meeting minimum participation rules are excluded and replaced.

Globalaw firms provide excellent local knowledge and local expertise accessible on a global scale. Most member firms are well known and established firms within their jurisdiction and provide a full service. Direct partner contact is important and firms will be pleased to provide access for their clients to their local business community. Globalaw members have not just contributed legal expertise but in many cases have created or located successful business opportunities for their clients.

The members of Globalaw meet regularly and through our own attendance at the regional and worldwide meetings, we are able to find global solutions for our clients' needs through lawyers who we not only know but trust.

A valuable feature of Globalaw is the ability of one member firm to request from another an initial inquiry free of charge. This allows a client to obtain an overview of the issues which are relevant to a foreign jurisdiction quickly and without commitment or expense.

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